River Loop Security team members invited to speak at DARPA’s 2019 Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit

July 15, 2019

River Loop Security’s team members were invited to provide the opening presentation at DARPA’s 2019 Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI)1 Summit Workshop on “Security: From Chip to Board”. Ryan Speers, Partner at River Loop Security, and Sophia d’Antoine, Program Analysis Lead at River Loop Security, will be presenting “Supply Chain Security at the Hardware Level”.

DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office is hosting the 2019 ERI Summit to highlight advances in electronics for semiconductor designers, manufacturers, and a broad electronics user base across industries including automotive, telecommunications, and defense. As a broad range of organizations adopt increasingly complex connected technology products, the security not only of the products themselves, but also their supply chain, is of increasing importance.

Mr. Speers’ presentation will be focused on emerging concepts in security supply chain, from microchips to distribution and beyond. This presentation is the culmination of several major projects and research initiatives at River Loop Security. The presentation teaches the biggest risks in an electronics supply chain, analyzes several past disclosures and issues, and provides recommendations for proven methods to assure supply chain security. This will address technical topics including searching for hardware level threats, firmware security, and microchip inspection, as well as business topics including sourcing and distribution to address how companies can maintain a competitive edge in their market while assuring security.

About River Loop Security

River Loop Security is a cybersecurity services firm with deep expertise in IoT, embedded and wireless systems, and supply chain security. River Loop Security provides services including security architecture design, penetration testing, cryptographic protocol design, and security incident response for firms in industries including medical devices, telecommunications, critical systems, and others, with the goal of helping its customers build and deploy more secure products and services which they can stand behind in the market.

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