We are a proven team of security professionals and engineers.

Our experience ranges from operations penetration testing with large utilities to providing innovative solutions for small businesses. We have extensive experience in hardware security assessment and radio protocols.

About Us

Our team regularly speaks at leading industry conferences and publishes academic journal and conference papers. We develop and maintain several leading open-source security assessment tools. Our conference and open-source work provides us a network of other leaders in the information security field with strong specialty skills who we can leverage for the needs of specific projects.

River Loop Security succeeds because we take time to recognize your needs and collaborate on solutions built around a thorough understanding of security and engineering concepts.

ApiMote v4beta Released: A IEEE 802.15.4 Sniffing/Injection Interface

We have announced the ApiMote v4beta design and released it as open-source hardware at the TROOPERS14 security conference. This hardware was designed specifically with security researchers and assesors in mind, and is supported by the KillerBee software toolkit and GoodFET.

We believe it offers unique capabilities unfulfilled by other interfaces currently available.

IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Wireless IDS Beta Released

We have released killerbeewids, an open-source IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless IDS at the TROOPERS14 security conference. This beta version demonstrates a strong framework for multiple sensors and a centralized analytic engine. A few simple detection scripts are included to demonstrate detecting common attacks.

KillerBee Support for Sewino Open-Sniffer Platform

As part of our continued committment to supporting open-source tools, we have added support to KillerBee for the Sewino Open-Sniffer 802.15.4 capture interface.

This is the first supported device capable of 900 MHz sniffing.